Pinterest Pin It Button By Shareaholic Lets You Easily Pin From Chrome

Pinterest has gradually become a really popular Social Networking site for people who are more interested about quality content on Social Media. Unlike Facebook it keeps the personal information on the side and talks more about the tastes and products that people like more. It is indeed a handy tool if you want to show off the sort of things that interest you. If you do not have an idea on what exactly Pinterest is or how it works, you can read our more detailed guide on it here.

However, there are a million web pages that we browse throughout the day on the internet and feel the urge to share the information without friends. It is not usually a good idea to do it over Facebook because a lot of people may get annoyed with your continuous sharing and flooding their feeds. However, pinterest is just the perfect platform to do that, but even in doing so we miss out on a lot of chances because we are too lazy to copy the pin in order to pin it on one of the boards.

If you are using the chrome browser then we have the perfect solution for you. Pinterest-Pin it by Shareaholic is a very effective add on to your browser and extremely handy in helping you to pin your favorite images to your board. You can download this add-on from the chrome store here.  The add-on is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is to click on it when you are on a particular page that you wish to show off and share with your friends. Then you can either choose to pin using your Twitter or facebook account. This basically controls on which of the two social networks would your activity reflect, in case you are more active on facebook you can use that. Once you do that, you can choose the name of your pin as well as the board you wish to pin. If the article has more than one image, the you can also choose the image that you wish to display on the board. This add on, certainly did not slow down my experience of chrome and dint crash the browser either unlike a lot of other such add ons. At times the process can take a litte bit longer, but that problem can be resolved by cleaning the cache on your browser from time to time.

We definitely found this plugin to work the best for pinterest. Do you have a better suggestion? Do let us know in the section below.

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