Pirated Microsoft Windows 7 DVD in India And China

In this open source age,  you can use any web app, browsers and software free of cost.Even there are Operating systems like Linux which is available free of cost. You can download it and make a bootable DVD easily. But major OS maker Microsoft doesn’t offer you to use it’s most anticipated OS Windows 7 free of cost.

You can purchase Windows 7 by paying a price between Rs 5900 to 11,800. Who cares? People don’t want to spend this much amount money on OS. According to this report of Times of India, people love purchasing pirated DVD which is easily available between Rs.40 to 250 in grey market.

$100000 business is generated in a single grey market in a metro city. You can guess the level of piracy in whole country.  Students to office goers, everyone purchase the pirated version and install it on their computer.  They really don’t care about Windows automatic update and level of security. They rely totally on antivirus software.

What if their OS corrupt down or failed to work properly? No problem. They install the Windows again on computer. They compromise with their precious data loss during the process.

You may surprised to know that India is far behind from China in terms of Piracy. Piracy level is four times higher in China. That’s obviously a big issue for Microsoft team. It obviously reduces business and hence reduces job opportunities in the countries.

What’s your stand on this topic. Do you use  original Windows or pirated copy? Share your views and experience.

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  1. Well its always being a question of debate all of them have different views on this. But as a engineering student i thought that its easier to get the software free of cost. rather than paying any price. Adobe CS5 will cost too much but still torrents and other file hosting services already give you the link to download it and use it. and i’m using it.

  2. Few questions from myside:
    why to pay when we have the best for free? [FOSS]

    Why to search when we have everything for free? [Torrents]

    Why to care about the security issues when the you are using a crap as your OS? [MS] [Sorry MS users, You will agree this if you have tried to compromise your windows machine just with some Kiddy tools. You need not be geek to break a MS machine]

    One last question, and this is for you Himanshu :

    “But major OS maker Microsoft doesn’t offer you to use it’s most anticipated OS Windows 7 free of cost.”

    😛 I think this is over expectation. LOL.

    Dont worry dude, i have another one wish which is much bigger than yours.

    “Wont Microsoft make all of its propriety software’s into Open source, so human race can share much more hidden potential and knowledge.”

    Any way, I don’t believe any of the two will happen…

    Let us leave Windows. Come to a general application point of view and in our day to day life, we use atleast 10 applications. Are everything Open sourced or free software or licensed copy?

    I dont think so. I hate this windows on from the day i started using this. I rely on FOSS and Ubuntu, and not on this crap.

    Regarding data loss, I dont think people get compromised with this. People who are aware about this make their backup atleast once a month. And I believe People who lose data beyond this deserve the loss. Because after a crash, they will never run the machine without backup of important data again.

    Rajkumar – A FOSS supporter, Lover, Contributor, and USER.

    • Thanks for your input Rajkumar. I respect your love for Linux and Foss OS. Frankly speaking, I heard too much about Linux and its features but I never tried it yet.

      There are lots of reasons behind people using Windows OS on their computer inspite of lack of features:
      1) Lack of awareness.
      2) Most of the computer users start their computer journey with Windows.
      3) Ease of availability.

      In my article I am talking about Windows 7. I am comparing Windows 7 with other versions of Windows like Vista and XP. Among all other Windows OS, Windows 7 is no doubt the best product. I don’t have data to compare it with other OS but according to my exp, in colleges or offices people prefer to use Windows operating system than Ubuntu or other OS. It is easily available (of course pirated version).

      I don’t think Microsoft will make it free ever. It is a major product of Microsoft and huge amount of money is involved in researching and marketing of these products. If people love to spend money then why would Microsoft make it available free of cost.

  3. I use the pirated version for almost every software.
    Who will pay for such high prices when you get it for free?
    Whatsoever, if these softwares were cheap, i’d prefer to buy them!

  4. I use pirated windows 7 ultimate I will buy a genuine copy if the Microsoft sell it in around thousand ruppes.
    8,000 ruppes market cost of window 7 it is tooo high for us .
    If MS really wants to expand his busines(with genuine software) in India then my suggestion is too decrease its cost if you somehow force us to use genuine then this will tend us to go for Open Source softwares.
    I don’t think such condition will come because in our corrupted country software piracy will always exist.

  5. I use the original version of windows 7 ultimate and microsoft office 2010 professional plus because I feel that windows 7 is awesome, much better than vista!

    And office is such a brilliant product, they also made a version for the mac osx!

    I believe that if im using something, be it music or software, and i like it, i should pay for it. Because being a musician myself, i wouldnt really like it if people got my music on their iPods without paying me for it!

    But then again, most of my softwares are pirated because demo versions dont really give you a feel of what the software is so i pirate it and then decide to buy them if i need them.

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