PixelPumper is a Free Alternate to Windows Live Writer for Mac OSX

If you have been a diligent blogger on a Windows Machine, chances are you would definitely have used the Windows Live Writer to update your blogs. It’s simplicity, plus the added versatility of not being Online to just jot down important content makes Live Writer a very popular tool for those stuck on Windows Machine.

But what if, you recently bought out that shiny new Macbook and want to have a solution similar to the Windows Live writer but on a Mac? Suffice to say, Live Writer does not exist for a Mac, but you can always use an alternative right? The best alternative we could find is PixelPumper for OSX.


PixelPumper, just like Live writer helps you update your Word Press blogs easily while still being inside your desktop environment and not opening the browser. The app is available for free in the Mac OSX App store and measures only about 4.8 MB in size.

Setting up the PixelPumper is incredibly easy and fast. The app asks for your Blog URL and your login credentials and you are good to go well within 30 seconds. All your posts, categories are seamlessly bought to the table as well. You also get important options such as to add pictures to the post, change the alignment, add in hyperlinks or enter bullet points. Overall, a complete experience and dare I say, much smoother than it was ever on Live Writer, maybe it could be a Windows thing. The formats are intact even as you export the post as a draft to your blog, so you do not have much to worry about it screwing the styling.

So, if you do have a Mac and would like an alternative to Live Writer, you can definitely not go wrong with Pixel Pumper.

Download Link : Mac OSX Store for PixelPumper

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  1. What I miss in this program is the possibility to modify HTML code. I always use this for pasting embedded code from Youtube or Vimeo. Maybe I just have missed it. But it looks very nice though.

    I am a real Live Writer addict.

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