Planetarium For Google Chrome Is a Fun Way Of Exploring Sky On Your Web Browser

Since time immemorial, sky is something that has fascinated the human race a lot. I am no different, and stars and constellations have been a constant source of anxiety right from a young age. In this digital age, it is easier than ever if you wish to develop your this interest in Astronomy and stars than a few years ago. I took the subject professionally but what if you want to learn and observe stars and other spatial things in your free time? Well, then we have the perfect application for you that would let you follow and know more about stars in the sky up above and so high.


Planetarium for Google Chrome is a very handy add on to your chrome browser that lets you see over 1500 stars in the sky above you that maybe you can not do so with your naked eyes. The application is really easy to use, all you have to do is move your mouse pointer across the screen and you get to see the stars which are currently up in the sky. Once you stop on a particular star you can point to the star and look for various classified information such as the brightness of the star, its constellation, its distance from earth in light years etc.  Obviously the name of the star and various other information such as Dec values to help you locate the star with the help of telescope are also given. The application is extremely detailed and I found it to be so much more informative than something like Google Sky Maps which basically covers the region of sky just above you by tracking your location. With Planetarium you are free to look at stars far and wide.

In addition you can also set the time of the day and your location in the bar below to see the stars as they appeared in the sky on a particular day at a location. The application is available for absolutely free in the Chrome Web Store so go ahead and download it to your browser right here.

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