Planets App Helps you Know everything you need to know about the Solar System

As a child right from our early days, most of us have been curious about the solar system. Not just the planets but also heavenly bodies such as the moon or astroids intrigued us. And while there are several applications that help us identify the objects in the sky, relative to your position, there are not enough applications that help us gain knowledge of some these bodies. Planet is one of the apps which is looking to do just that.

Planet App

The application provides you with plenty of stats as well as information regarding planets in a very neat ordered fashion. Right from the age of the planet to the size as well as the type of the planet it is, the application is your one stop guide to everything about the planets. The vital statistical information is accompanied by an HD image of the planet, just to give you a slightly more of an idea about the huge celestial bodies. The application has a very neat UI and fairly easy to use without anything majorly complicated to do.

According to the developer, the main purpose of this app is for educational purposes and meant for those who are psyched up by the information about planets. The application is absolutely ad free and therefore despite being free, you should have no problems with it.

Download Planets right here

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