Play And Enjoy Block Puzzle on Your Android Phone

For Android users Play Store provides amazing apps and games to be used in their free time and make the most of their Smartphones. One such game I came across to kill time before doing something or travelling, basically a good pass time between the blank spaces is, the Block Puzzle. A general cross between the Tetris and Tangrams, this game is a fun element to help you make the blank spaces in your life less boring and more occupied.

The ‘Oh, My Brain! Block Puzzle’ literally gets your grey started and you can’t just simply solve them with the growing levels. You will love it once you get the hang of it. There are multi-colored pieces which you need to place at their respective positions in order to get the puzzle right and sort it. It is obviously not a Herculean task to solve a block of puzzle but mind you it is not that easy either. As soon as you think it is just a cake walk for you things change and graver levels crop up. In all, there are four levels of difficulty namely, Novice, Normal, Expert and Master. There are 500 puzzles in each level and trust me it does get difficult with each level, each puzzle. The complexity increases with each level. A very simple looking board is displayed and two themes are available to choose from, light and dark. You can opt for them according to the visibility preference. You can leave the game at any moment and when you wish to play again you can continue from where you last left. There is no time limit in this game so you can play as per your convenience. You do need to rack your brains here so as to clear the level quickly and easily. But beware, once you start playing you just cannot stop yourself! There are ads in the game but they do not bother you between the game so you can play with ease and concentration.

There are many such games available in the play store that are also provided in the list of options in the Block Puzzle’s main page. You can get to know how to play the game in the How To Play option just in case.

Check out BlockPuzzle.

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