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HTML5 is the latest technology which vanishes the need of third party plugins such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Google Gears which are require to play videos and drag and drop feature.

If you are an iPad user, you know very well that Apple devices doesn’t support flash. But these devices (iPhone, iPad) support HTML5 and you can play videos and games easily which run on HTML5.

If you want to play games on your iPad then you generally move to app store and purchase those costly apps. But what if you get lots of games for free. HTML5Games is a huge collection of HTML 5 games which can be played online anytime.


There are lots of games present on the site and one nice thing is, all of them are nicely categorized. Games like Galactic inbox, HTML5 chess, Spades, Pacman, Solitaire are present. When you click on the game, you’ll see the description and ratings first. After you click on “Click to Play” button then after the game starts. There is an option to tweet the game and tell your friends about it.


The controllers of the game are keyboard and sometimes mouse. It displays instructions before starting of each games.


There is a different section for iPhone/iPad/Mobile users. Just click on the button present on the navigation menu. There are total 6 games available now but I hope developers will add more games soon in the list.

Note: You can play these games only in those browser which supports HTML5. Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari will be the best option.

Check out HTML5Games.

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