Play Multiplayer Online VPN Games with Hamachi

Users who have cracked games on their computer can only play those games alone and cannot play the multiplayer mode on the internet. Trying to do this will result in blacklisting of their game and then they can’t play the game on their computer again. Now, Hamachi has come up with a simple tool that allows users to create Virtual Private Networks through the internet and connect with friends and family and play multiplayer games online without detection issues.


Hamachi is a very popular application that allows users to play multiplayer online mode on cracked games. It must be noted that we do not support users who play cracked versions of games. If you like the game, buy it. But if you still have some games that are just lying there because you need the internet for it, then worry not. Hamachi can take care of that for you. Hamachi has become so popular that people have created developing tools for the most played games like Age of Empires 3 so users can easily connect to the network and start playing automatically.

To connect to a VPN, both ends must have the application installed. The host needs to simply create a network and the guests just type in that network name to connect to it. Users can enter a password as well for their networks for extra security. Connected users can even chat between themselves.

This tool is quite handy if you are bored of playing games alone and want somebody to play with you.

Download Hamachi.

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