Play Paper Toss Game on Your Computer [Games]

If you are a big fan of Paper Toss, one of the top application of iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) and Android phone and if you want to play it on your computer then move to FOG (Freeonlinegames), one of the top game website. Apart from paper toss you can play many other flash based games.

To play the game, follow the instructions given on the game screen. You need to focus on the moving arrow. All you need to do is to click on the waste paper when arrow is in right direction so that the paper should enter inside the dustbin box.

Also you need to take care of wind speed. For every paper you throw correctly inside dustbin you’ll get a point. You can submit your best score by clicking the submit button after you finish a game.

This game is highly addictive. It might be a big time killer for you. Since this is a web application so you can play it on any platform. Only thing needed is a browser that supports flash like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Check out Paper Toss for Computer.

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  1. hy, my name gabriel . I will make paper toss with eclips juno J2ME, but i don’t know to start , i’am newbi…please tutor me to make this game ….thank you 😀 ^_^

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