Playstation Mobile All Set To Come On HTC Devices

Sony announced last night at its E3 conference that it’s Playstation Suite now renamed Playstation Mobile will soon be available for HTC devices too. So far the Playstation suite was made exclusive to the Sony or Sony Ericsson phones which allowed them to enjoy Playstation certified games on the go. However, all this set to change and for good, and if you own or are planing to buy an HTC smartphone then this is a great news.

The games on board are also going to go beyond the Sony designed games. And we can expect a lot of other big brands jumping on this wagon. The Playstation suite was originally an all Android concept so it makes sense now that it is being prepared for other devices too and first in line is obviously HTC. No devices or release dates were announced during the press conference so you will have to wait for that a little while longer, but we will keep a keen eye on the developments here at Blogtechnika.

So what do you think about bringing the Playstation Suite or Playstation mobile to Android devices? And hich PS games would you like to be bought?? Do let us know in the comments below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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