PNG Minimizer reduces Size of PNG Images Online

PNG image format is considered as best format for images if we talk about image quality. Main property of .png format images are they have all the colors and other image details. Blog webmaster and web designers generally use png images to make their webpages look attractive and beautiful. But one main disadvantage of using png image is its size. The size of image is greater than jpg or other image format.

Let’s say you need to upload image on your site but it’s is larger that 100 kb in size then better you can minimize or shrink the image before uploading it. Now, the main problem is if we shrink the image then quality of image also goes down. To resolve this issue we have a nice online tool known as PNG Minimizer.



To use this tool, you need to upload an image using “Select Files” and “Upload Queue” buttons. Now you’ll see your uploaded image on left and a slider on right. You can move slider down to reduce the colors of image. You’ll see the output at a same time. You can move slider down and reduce image size and colors according to your need.

This tool compresses png formatted images without altering the image quality. This tool reduces color of image to reduce the size. But this change is so minimal that it’s hard to identify. The main feature of this tool is it gives you option to select how much you need to compress any image by using slider.

Apart from png, it also supports many other image formats such as BMP, ICO, GIF, and JPG.

Check out PNG Minimizer.

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