Pop Shot Allows you to take Screenshots easily for Mac

There are several moments when you just wish the screen on your computer froze and you could capture that moment forever. It could be an amazing picture that you cannot save, simply a detail that is too good to miss out on, or if you are a techie maybe while writing steps of a DIY tutorial. There is a pretty simple way of capturing your screen on a Mac by pressing Cmd+Shift+3/4 depending upon the type of the shot you are looking at. However, what if you want a few more options and customisations? This is where Pop Shot comes in really handy and is probably the go to tool for any sort of screen shots that you wish to capture.


Pop Shot is available for free and it adds a cool shortcut to your Menu bar for very quick access. The application is extremely easy to use and really forgiving on the memory which is an important parameter for testing any application. Pop Shot gives you several options to take screenshots, for example, rectangular section, entire screen or even the current window. The application allows you to name your screenshots well before you shoot them which is neat.

The screenshot output could be in the form of URL or a normal PNG shot. The screenshots are automatically saved to the desktop and you can also set up to run the application at the boot up or not. Otherwise you can simply run the application from the application menu.

You can download the application for free from here.

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