Popular Facebook Game iLands Makes its Way to Android

If you have played and enjoyed Minecraft on your Windows PCs or Xboxes, chances are you have heard of iLands. It is basically a rip off of the popular game title by Microsoft but on Facebook. With over one million active players, iLands has been a bit of an enigma on Facebook. Cashing in on the popularity, the developers have decided to bring the game to Android now.


The game is available for free to download and you basically need to do exactly what you did on Minecraft, that is to build things, share what you have built with other players and develop what would be your ultimate city. You can build structures not only on land, but also in the sky and on water, as the game developers put it, your only restriction is the imagination here. The game does support multiplayer in the sense that you can visit the lands built by your friends as well as can invite them over to build structures together.


The game performance is fine and we did not experience any frame drops, but given the fact we played it on perhaps the best Android phone in the form of our HTC M8, we cannot vouch for how it would be on devices with lower specs. You will require Android 2.3 and above to enjoy the game. There were a couple of non responsive moments and the game did crash once in our testing time of about 2 hours. Other than that it was a smooth sail. While obviously the game has nowhere near as many options and details as Minecraft, it is a decent pick for a quick time pass.

Download iLands for free here

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