Popular Twitter Client Carbon gets a Redesign in V2.0 Release

Carbon has been one of the favorite Twitter clients on Android. It was one of the very first Twitter client on Android to adapt the holo theme and bring the whole minimalistic experience. However, the application suffered from severe memory leaks, lack of streaming and push notifications and as a result we personally moved over to the likes of Plume or even Robird on Android. However, with the version 2.0, plenty has been resolved, loads of features have been added and the app has some really good new visual elements.

Carbon 2

Carbon is calling the version carbon 2 for Android. The UI is cleaner than ever before. The background is pitch black now. There is a neat plus icon at the bottom right to help you compose tweets. You can swipe to the left to see your mentions and DMs and your position on the screen is indicated by three dots on the top. The animation too is sleek and gives a very card like feel when you swipe across. To refresh, you simply need to get to the top of the timeline and pull down to refresh.

Clicking on your avatar gives you the option to get into the settings where you can set Carbon to open links into other browsers than Native carbon browser. You can play with the font size and set Media to off to conserve data. Turning the Oxide mode on will greyscale the images and avatars giving it a classic look. You can turn the mentions and notifications on and off too and also play with the frequency of twitter checking.

You too can check out and download Carbon 2.0 for free from here

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