Powerful and Killer SEO tips for Bloggers

SEO is a basic and the most important requirement of any blog. This is because SEO decides the major part of traffic from search engine which may be between 50 to 70% depending on the niche of a site and quality of SEO. Most of the beginner bloggers never take care of SEO factor and they came to know about their mistake later. Here I am going to tell you how knowledge is the king in terms of SEO because in lacks of some basic knowledge bloggers miss lots of things.


There are many factors involved in the SEO (Search engine optimization) of any blog. These factors may be categorized into following factors:

Title tag: Title tag is very important for your web page. Decide the keyword for your webpage be researching your niche and the articles and you should use a particular word in your title tag which is the keyword for the web page.

Content: Content is the king, you have heard this sentence many times, this is repeated again and again because this sentence is a key factor in deciding the SEO.Content is no doubt one of the most important SEO factor of the page. Always fetch your blog with unique and new content in a regular manner. Search engines love fast growing websites, so be sure about the frequency of the web page. Use sitemap to tell search engine the exact structure of a blog. Use sitemap plugin for Google which tells search engine about the new content.

Link building: Make a clear thing in your mind that Google loves link building. Link building is one the most important factor in terms of SEO. Search engines respect those websites which gives a way for their robots a new direction by the link. So if you are not linking your post, start it from now, it will really help you. Use inbound linking (link your own site) or outbound linking (link to any other site) both have its own advantage.


Page title: Use different title on each web page with its own primary keywords at the beginning of the page title. According to SEOConsultants “Authors should use the TITLE element to identify the contents of a document. Since users often consult documents out of context, authors should provide context rich page titles. The title element should ideally be less than 64 characters in length. While there is no limit on the length of a title, developers should be aware that the title element may be truncated if too long.”


Submitting article with links: Submit articles with link to your websites in other blogs submitting articles with links to your website to directories is yet another famous SEO trick that can really boost the amount of traffic you generate while also giving click through traffic, too

Forums and directories: Submit your blog in directories and be active on each forums giving link of your website. Try to give the link of the article which is really useful for others otherwise it would be considered as spam.

Keyword density: Keyword is very important factor in terms of SEO, if you don’t know the keyword of your blog then it will not help you so much, so make a proper research on your blog’s SEO, in the page title tag use the keyword only one time, while in a body text use it more and more keeping in mind that keyword density should be between 5 to 20 %.


Another important SEO tips:  Hyper linked all your keywords giving internal link or external link. Use All in One SEO Plugin, SEO friendly images plugin.

So after applying these tips on your blog your blog SEO will definitely going to increase and also your traffic going to touch the sky. Feel free to discuss anything which you can’t able to understand about above giving points.

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  1. Well said. Nowadays people are concentrating more on link building than offering quality content. That’s the worst thing in SEO. People still don’t have any idea about SEO.

  2. Nice! Really very informative post : )

    Hey Himanshu I’m following you on twitter & Facebook.. love your blogging style

    Please write brief post about BLOG commenting

  3. Yup, being active in selected niche forums is very beneficial to our blog.
    and I am trying to be an active member of sitepoint and digitalpoint forums.

    And also Submitting your articles in other blogs i.e Guest posts, also an important factor to build your image as a professional writer.

  4. Great tips.

    I think link building is vital now days as the more back links you have the higher you will rank in search engines. Quality and unique content is also very importent as people don’t want to read the same post or article on every single website.

    So far i’ve just been trying to build lots of back links to my blog and have been commenting activly on related blogs. This brings me around 30-40 visiters a day.

    Just have patience and keep marketing and search engine optimizing your blog and you will start seeing results.

    Nice post.

  5. @BlogrPro – I think the bigger problem is that people don’t realize that having good content will help them more with link building than just link building by itself.

    If your content isn’t worth linking to, how are you going to build links? Comments that dofollow might help a little, but they are mostly coming from pages with little or no page rank.

    Guest posts on popular blogs or having others link to your blog in their posts count far more.

  6. If your content isn’t worth linking to, how are you going to build links? Comments that dofollow might help a little, but they are mostly coming from pages with little or no page rank.

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