Prescription Google Glass gets Leaked Online

Google Glass must easily be one of the best products to have come out in the razzmatazz of the ever evolving tech world. The device definitely was a head turner and although still very much in Development, it is the most sought after product in the tech world already. In fact, Google Glass is so famous that a popular slang, Glass-Whore has been coined for people who wear and use Google Glass. This is indeed quite an achievement for a product that is not even in full retail yet.


However, one question that everyone has asked since they say Glass was, how will the people with prescription lenses go about using Google’s magical Wearable Technology? Looks like we have the answer already as it was leaked on the web but quickly pulled out clearly indicating that prescription glass is coming soon too. Google staffer Brian Matiash had quickly shown off some pictures of the prescription glass before he took them down for obvious reasons.

The design is rather simple and basically adds a frame to the otherwise plain Google Glass. The design looks robust and definitely one that is made to simply hold the magical gear. We are hopeful that there may still be a few more designs in addition to the leaked ones so that not everyone is stuck with the same design and we have at least some choice.

Via: Phandroid

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