Press a key 3 Times to Apply Accents in Microsoft Office

Applying accents in Microsoft Office is not easy as you will have to right click on the selected text and then select the accents for that letter which can be quite annoying if you have to do this often. Accents is an app that allows users to easily apply accents to the text that they type in to increase their typing speed.


Accents is easy to use. First, download the application from the link given below and install it. Then run the application. The application then automatically adds itself to the system tray and you can access it from there. Now, you can configure various settings of the app like how many times you want to press a key before the accents start showing. To start using the app, open a document, and in that, press any letter which supports an accent 3 times. On the 3rd press, you will see a list of all the accents available for that letter. Keep clicking on the same key till you get the appropriate accent that you want to use.

This application handy for users who have to make use of accents frequently and would like to make their experience more simpler and easier.

Download Accents.

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