Prevent is Awesome Tool to Stop Others From Meddling With Your System

Are you the kind of person who enjoy your privacy when it comes to your computer? Then you will find this app to be quite interesting. Prevent is an app which, when running, stops users from changing things on your computer like copying, pasting, moving or renaming files.


The app comes in a zip file. Extract the files and run the setup. Do make note of the folder in which you have installed Prevent as there are no shortcuts or icons provided by the app anywhere. So once you have installed Prevent, go to the location and run the application. The window seen above will pop up. All you have to do to activate the app is to set a hotkey which when entered will automatically stop the application from running. Only by pressing this hotkey can anybody stop the process that this app is performing. So once you have entered the hotkey, click Activate. Then you will see your context menu to be like this.


Users cannot copy, move,delete or rename files on your computer as long as this app is running. The app even prevents users from ending processes from the task manager.

Download Prevent.

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