Preview your Google Adwords before Publishing Using Adwords Previewer Tool

Adwords Previewer is a simple online tool that allows users to preview their ads before publishing them to confirm and make sure they have everything written correctly.

adwords previeweradwods ad

To preview your ads, simply enter the details of your ad in the spaces given, like the headline, description and URL. Then you can view a preview of the ad below the text you have entered. You can even view a preview of your ad on the mobile. Simply click on the option to view the mobile ad and you can then view how the ad looks on a mobile phone. This tool shows the ads in various sizes and formats for your ease.

Also, while creating your ad, the tool will notify you of certain mistakes you might be making as per Google’s policies. For example, if you type the word “best” in your ad, then the tool will ask you to mention why your product is best.

If you’re using Adwords, then this tool will really come in handy as you can preview your ads before you submit them.

Check out Adwords Preview.

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