Primadesk is a Cloud Service Manager

Cloud services becomes crucial part of our life. There ares several cloud services like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs, Picasa, Orkut, Dropbox etc., on which we all dependent upon. But accessing these (sign in daily) services separately kills most of our time. It’d be great to use a manager that brings all the cloud services at a same platform. Primadesk does the same. It is a service that adds your online accounts so that you can search and manage your content in one place.


As shown in above image, it supports many cloud services such as 23Photos, Facebook, AOL Mail, Gmail, Orkut, POP3, IMAP, Photobucket, Zoho, Yahoo Mail etc. Before adding you have to provide your credential of a particular service. On interface, when you click on icon, it will redirect you to that particular service which will open in a new tab. It will automatically signs in to that service and you don’t need to give your credentials again and again. It works on your mobile phone as well as all the OS and browsers.

It also helps in backup your online content. One of the coolest feature of this service is you can drag and drop documents and files from one service to another. There are total 26 services available right now but in future you’ll definitely see more and more services in a list. The service is presently in beta phase and is free to use. Signup is required to use this service.

Check out Primadesk.

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