Priority Run: Change Priority of your Files by Right Clicking

The process of changing the priority of certain files on your computer can be quite tedious sometime. Consider that you first have to open the application, then go to task manager, right click on the running application and then select the priority on which you want to run the application. This time taking process can now be overcome with the help of Priority Run. This handy tool creates a windows registry so that you can change the priority of an application by right clicking on the file and changing it there itself.

priority run

Priority Run is a simple .reg file and takes less that a minute to download and is a must have for those gamers who want to run their computer to perform to its maximum while playing games. Especially on laptops, changing the priority of some heavy applications is really necessary to make the app run smoothly.

priority run2

The tool is simply enough to install. One thing you have to make sure is to NOT run the setup from the zip file that it comes in. First extract the file on to your computer and then start the setup. When you click on the setup file, it will automatically adds itself to the Windows registry. From then onward, you can just right click on an application and change the priority from there. You don’t need to go to the Task Manager every time. The priority for every file is set at normal by default. You can increase the priority to Above normal or High depending on how much of your computer’s resources you want the app to use.

Download Priority Run.

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