Pro-Eject USB removes your USB Drive Easily

Sometimes when we remove the USB drive, first we right click on the icon present on the system tray and select “Safely remove hardware”. But sometime it is frustrating that USB drive not being able to safely remove. It happens because some items not being deleted from the registry. There is a simple solution for this.

Pro-Eject USB detects all the drives present in your computer and while removing deletes all open applications and folders related to that drive and deletes items from the registry automatically and ejects the drive.


The Pro-Eject USB app comes in a zip file and does not require an installation. Just extract the files after download and you are good to go.


The tool has the option to select the language of the interface. You can also select whether to display the GUI buttons or to display tray icon at start-up.


In the general options everything that you want the tool to do can be controlled. The user has the option of selecting whether to delete items from the registry before ejecting, closing running application etc. The tool displays a message of every process that is taking place during ejection. It also provides the option of cleaning the Temp folder.

The app is compatible with Window7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download Pro-Eject USB

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