Process Explorer Shows all the Running Processes in Your PC

Windows Task Manager shows all the running process in Windows machine. But it fails to give you detail stats about all the running programs. For example if you want to know about registry key handles, open files, dll files then it fails to do that.

Process Explorer is enhanced windows utility that displays all the running programs in much detail. Download and install Process Explorer in your computer. Run the program and it will show you all the running programs in detail. Description column gives information about all the running processes in detail.

If you click on Ctrl+I key then it shows more information like CPU usage history, Commit history, physical memory history in a new window.


Go to Option -> Replace task manager to replace it with task manager. After doing it, if you press Ctrl+Shift+Esc key simultaneously, it opens Process explorer instead of task manager. It is advisable to you to replace this tool with your task manager (Also FYI, this tool is built by Microsoft).

Download Process Explorer for Windows PC.



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