Project Loon Gets Nod from the Government to Provide Internet Connectivity in India

Apart from running the Internet, Google, now a part of the Alphabet Group, does a lot of interesting side projects. One of the projects that Google has taken upon itself is ensuring good internet connectivity across the world. One way that Google has figured out doing this is using large balloons. These are obviously not ordinary balloons, but balloons that are capable of floating a good 20 km above the surface of the earth. Google in this case is the technology provider and not an ISP as all it does is partner with the right telecom partner to transmit the 4G signal over a larger area. Long story short, Google is acting like a large provider of telecom towers, which the balloons act like, in order to provide internet connectivity.


In India, Google has tied up with BSNL and will be using to power the broadband spectrum in 2.6 GHz band. Using these balloons, Google will be able to provide Internet to a diameter of about 40 kilometers. Google has already tested this program in places like New Zealand, California and Brazil. The news of this project was broken through on PTI, where an official source said:

Google approached government to set up the Loon project and drone-based Internet transmission. Government has approved testing of Loon project only as of now. A committee under chairmanship of Secretary, DeitY, has been formed to work on it.

Do you think that such moves would help improve the internet connectivity in India? Do let us know in the section below.

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