Protect Your Secret Files From Others Using Disguise Folders

Every computer user has certain files that they would like to keep private and wouldn’t want anybody else to see but themselves. Disguise folders is a light weight portable utility that allows users to hide their important folders by changing the icon of that folder to a system file so others will not notice.


There are two versions of this app, i.e. installer and portable which requires no installation. Just run the downloaded file and a window appears from where you will be asked to select the folder that you want to hide from others.


Once you do this, you can select what icon you want to use on the folder. When this is done, just click on the Disguise Now button and you will find that your folder icon is switched to the system icon of your choosing. What’s even better is that when an anonymous user clicks on the folder, the app will not open the folder but direct the user to the location to which you have set your icon. For example, if you have selected Windows Update as the icon, then once you have disguised the folder, the folder that you don’t want others to see will never open. It will directly go to the Windows Update page in the Control Panel.


If you want to view the folder yourself, then just open the disguise folder app, select the folder you want to view and click on the Recover Now button. This will return the folder to its original state and you can view the folder yourself.

Download Disguise folders.

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