PS IV Dual Shock Controller vs PS III Dual Shock Controller

As we stare at the calender intently and wait for it to turn to November 15th, time could barely move any slower than it is right now. The special thing about November 15th is that, it is the date when Sony’s latest flagship Gaming Console the PS IV goes on sale in the US. It is slated for a European release a couple of weeks later.

PS IV vs PS III Controller

While plenty has been written about the new console and how it stacks up against the major rival XBox One and how Sony has an initial headstart on Microsoft thanks to the Redmond based company dropping some absolute clangers when it came to DRM policies which eventually had to be reversed, not enough comparisons exist to what would be like to use the PS IV over PS III.

Hence, we thought of sharing across a video that a gamer has shot for about 5 minutes which compares the PS III DualShock controller to the one on PS IV. No doubt, the newer model is sleeker and better looking but one major aspect of the PS IV DualShock that has been a rather requested feature is that you can charge the controller while the device is in standby. Apart from that, there are some key differences as well as similarities between the two controllers, make sure you check the video below to know all about them:


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