PS Vita: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

When PS Vita was showcased in IFA 2011, it seemed as nothing was wrong with the product and Sony has come up with an absolute masterpiece. The 3DS was overshadowed in a flash and the $250 price tag seemed unbeatable.

But like they say, nothing is perfect in this World. So before you are all set to save some bucks and plan to pre order PS Vita we must enlighten with the bad part of PS Vita.

The 1st one is the 3-5 hour battery life on PS Vita, which means that you’ll have to constantly charge your device. Although some people might live with it but for if you cannot live with a 3-5 hour battery life you can buy the external battery peripheral which is offered by Sony. We still don’t know how much extra life this external battery pack would add but its 3-5 hour battery life is a turnoff for sure.


Next problem with PS Vita is a bigger problem. It is the lack of memory provided on PS Vita. Its memory card will be specific for the device and this is where Sony seems to be cashing in. They are offering the cards with 4/8/16/32 GB storage and the only way to increase the storage on your device is to use these cards which are of course not cheap. They are costlier than regular storage cards and can cost you up to $130. This is a blunder by Sony.

They have the base price of the much awaited gaming console at $250 but they haven’t offered any significant storage on the device. Actually PS Vita without that storage card is useless. The worst part is that when you download a lot of old games from PS Store you’ll eventually run out of storage.

So actually the device will cost you around $350 as you’ll probably go with a 16GB or 32GB card.

The device is still the best gaming console but it’s very difficult to understand the Sony’s policy. Will you still pre-order a PS Vita?

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