Pulse Downloads and Changes Desktop Wallpaper Whenever You Want

Frankly speaking, Pulse is one of the most amazing wallpaper changer software I’ve ever used. It downloads and changes wallpaper of your computer in a single click. All you need to do is download this software and run it. A small icon will appear on the system tray of your PC. You have to right click on it and select “Next picture” option to change the wallpaper. The software automatically downloads and changes wallpaper of your PC within few seconds.

To see what options are present in this software, you have to right click on the system tray icon and select “Options”. The most brilliant feature of this tool is Keyword feature. You have to specify a particular keyword and the tool will download wallpaper related to that keyword only. Great, isn’t it?

Also there are two wallpaper source available: Wallbase and Rewalls. Both websites have huge collection of wallpapers. So you can choose anyone among them.


You can select after what interval it could change the current wallpaper. Also there are option to skip low resolution wallpapers, and set wallpapers as a logon background. You can also delete old wallpapers by checking the option given under Temporary files.

This tool is absolutely free to download. Having very easy interface, this is highly recommended for wallpaper fans.

Download Pulse to change wallpaper automatically.

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