PwrDrain Tells You About Battery Usage

One thing every laptop user has to be extremely wary of is the battery consumption. Usually it happens that we are working on an extremely important document and the warning signs start to flash on our screen saying battery low, needless to say we try and save all the work ASAP and in this hurry often lose out on important documents

PwrDrain is a wonderful tool to come in handy in such situation. We have a lot of indicators which tell us about the amount of battery left , but PwrDrain actually takes this to another level. It tells us exactly how much battery is being consumed at the current point of time and it generates alert when the battery consumption increases.


It’s a Windows sidebar gadget that sits on your desktop and indicate the battery usage with the help of a power meter. This gadget is a great example of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is the sort of stuff that any geeky guy would be interested in and quickly try and shut off the applications which are overusing the battery especially in power scarce regions.

Just like any other widgets it can be moved along all over the desktop and is extremely light weight .

Download PwrDrain from Google Code.

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