Qi Wireless Charging Coming For Samsung Galaxy S IV

The latest rage in the world of technology has been wireless charging. We saw it with the Nokia Lumia 920 that people really love an innovative solution to the boring plug and charge system and wireless charging totally was a hit among people. The charging plate in fact the most asked about accessory at the Nokia outlet every time we visited. And it actually worked pretty well. After the Lumia 920 we saw the devices such as Lumia 820 and Galaxy S III get the wireless charging too thanks to a removable back panel.

Qi Charger

It seems like the trend is set to continue as Qi charging is set to be supported on the new Samsung Galaxy S IV. This however, will not be out of the box and you would have to invest in a removable new back panel which can then be fixed on your phone instead of the standard back panel supplied by Samsung and used on any Qi charger. This news was confirmed in the press release by Qi.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the Qi wireless charging standard in its optional back battery cover and wireless charging pad accessories, as demonstrated at Samsung Unpacked 2013. The accessories are fully compatible with all Qi chargers and Qi-compatible phones.

No official news has come about when the plates would be available and what the cost would be, but we do anticipate that round about when the device launches we should have the access to this in demand accessory as the details have already been spilled out about the phone by Samsung. Also we are sure that this is not the last bit we hear about accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S IV as we expect plenty more to come for the device that is expected to lead the charts of Android sales.

Via: Techcrunch

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