Qualcomm Teases a Potential Successor to the LG G Flex for CES

CES is usually an event for all the odd looking and innovative products that may or may not go mainstream. Despite this, it is the first major technology showcase event of a calendar year and one that really sets the tone for how the year would progress and gives us a peek into what product strategies most of the participants will be through the year.

LG G Flex 2

Interestingly Qualcomm has teased a brand new device on its Social Media page on Twitter stating that a new device powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series is set to hit the stage at CES 2014. The device at the first look has plenty of resemblance from the design philosophy that LG has deployed, none more so than what looks like a rear rocker key on a mat like finish. The metal look on plastic is very remiscnet of what we have seen on the LG G3 and would make sense for LG to carry the same forward for the LG G Flex 2. There are also subtle curves on the sides of the image revealed, which gives us enough reason to believe that this is indeed the G Flex 2.

The G Flex while an innovative product was not a commercial hit given the pricing and the device and you would hope that LG would get it right this time around. The phone was initially expected to be launched in 2014, but looks like has been held back for the biggest Tech exhibition of the year.

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