Quick Way To Remove Annoying Ads From Facebook

Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo with the intention of pure coolness and awesomeness. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep it cool but Eduardo wanted to earn revenue out of it because it was getting too popular globally. I reckon that Eduardo got selfish. On the other hand Mr. Parker tried his luck to hatch a conspiracy and create a war scenario between mark and Eduardo and he was able to do it. But then later on Mark Zuckerberg eventually did put up ads on Facebook. And then the coolness went away. In fact it is one of those things we all hate on Facebook.

Use the following link to remove all annoying facebook ads:


This script removes many of the annoying ads and updates that unavoidably appear on your Facebook pages. There are cleverer Facebook tidy scripts out there, but this one is nice and simple and possibly easier to update as new adverts come along. It’s also very easy to customise, should you want some of the sections that are blocked here by default to actually appear.

However, we advice you to try this at your own risk, since there have been times that people have reported back errors, yet most of the time it seems to do the trick for a good and Ad-Free Facebook experience.

NOTE: this script also currently suppresses the ability to use the /online friends/ box to initiate chats.

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