Quickly Know About EarthQuake Occurs Anywhere in The World With Earthquake Notifier [Chrome Extension]

Earthquake is a natural phenomenon occurs due to sudden release of energy in the Earth crust and moment of plates located inside the earth. This natural disaster, if comes on larger scale, brings huge destruction and losses of life.

There is a US geological survey department which constantly monitors such natural hazardous activities and provides the data if such calamities occur.

There is a Chrome extension known as Earthquake notifier that notifies you about latest earthquake occur anywhere in the world. The data to this extension is provided by USGS, and the extension displays it in an interactive manner.

earthquake notifier

Download and install the extension and a small icon will appear on the address bar. It will notify you with a zigzag sound if any earthquake occurs anytime. You may click on the small icon and a map will pop up along with the data which tells you about the latest earthquake location and its strength on the Richter scale.

You may see the location of earthquake in a Google map also . Just hover your mouse over the name of location where earthquake occurs and the the location will automatically display on the Google map which is located at the top of the map.

It is surprising to know that earthquake comes daily at some place on the earth but most of the quake’s strength is so low and it hardly make any disaster.

Download  Earthquake Notifier extension for Google Chrome

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