Quickly Save Interesting Online Stuffs Using Evernote [Chrome Extension]

Bookmarking URL is a nice way to save links on your computer if you find something interesting on web and want to save it for later use. Google Chrome provides bookmarks sync but other browser don’t provide such luxury to you. Evernote chrome extension is a tool to save your web stuffs online. It saves and syncs the URL, page clip and other important data and provides you whenever you need them.

Download and install the extension on your browser. A small Evernote icon will appear on the extension bar at top right. When you click on it, a pop up will appear. Enter your username and password to login into your account. This extension is safe to use because it is officially released by Evernote team.


When you find any page interesting,either you can save the URL or the content of page along with the link. You can also drag the image of the page to save it as web clip. Later you can access these clips from web, desktop or mobile interface of Evernote.


While clipping the icon at extension bar, it starts synchronizing and clipping the page. So you don’t need to give any extra command. It also comes with a nice search box by which you can search for any previous saved notes easily. The search box comes with search auto complete feature.

Check out this video to know more about this tool.

Download Clip to Evernote Google Chrome Extension.

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