Quickly Search in Google Using URL Gog.is [Quick Tip Of The Day]

Chrome browser comes with some nice features which includes embedded Google search in an address bar. It means whatever you type in the address bar, Chrome will display a Google result quickly.

Now suppose you are using some other browser, then you may not redirected to Google result if you type the query in the search box. There is a URL shortener for Google search. Just type the URL gog.is/<keyword> in the address bar where keyword is the topic for which you are searching for.

For example if you are looking for WordPress then you may type, gog.is/wordpress in the address bar and it will return you the Google search result.


[Thanks Labnol for the tip].

2 Responses

  1. Amazing tip.. But I think most browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome come with Google search inbuilt in address bar.. This feature will be very useful for me when I am using Safari or IE

  2. This tip will be a great help while using Safari as I this I guess it is the only browser right now which does not support the inbuilt search. One can search in IE8 through the url bar.


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