QuickPic Gallery Is A Good Alternative To Stock Gallery For Android

Android smart phones these days come with some absolutely stunning cameras. I have in fact surprised myself how much more I use my camera on the phone than a dedicated camera thanks to some amazing features. However, one thing that has always irked me is the fact that the Gallery application can be fairly unpredictable. It force closes often and occasionally takes ages to load. If you want something that is a lot more simplistic and want to get away from all those 3D animations and things like that and still want to check the multimedia on your smart phone, we have the perfect solution for you.

QuickPic is an amazing application that lets you view the gallery on your smart phone and is fairly reliable. You will not see much of the difference in terms of ability to share images etc from the stock gallery. In fact after using QuickPic I did feel that maybe a lot other smart phone manufacturers would use the simplistic template of this application to build gallery in their phones. The application is extremely easy to use, is great on the eye and seems really snappy. One thing that really made me notice this app and like it more was the fact that it seemed to use CPU much lesser as compared to the stock gallery application. So basically you do not lose nothing and gain a plenty more as you start using this application on your smart phone. It is available for absolutely free and can be run on most of the Android versions. In fact I did personally test it on Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Bean. It seems just as snappy and fast on all of them

You can also download this application from the play store from absolutely free. Here is the link to the market place.

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  1. been using it over an year now… and never have I looked back…

    just that when using double tap, it zOOms like a Windows phone…first zooms to screen height and tap again for full size

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