QuickReply Lets You Reply to SMS From Any Opened iPhone App

Many times it happens with us that we are playing our favorite games on our iPhone and suddenly pops up a text notification and obviously out of curiosity we have to read it. Due to reading this the game is exited out and the message screen pops up. The whole process of quitting the message screen and then going to the multitasking menu, reopening the game and clicking the paused play button is a big hassle.

For this situation there is an extremely useful solution in Cydia. The application is called Quick Reply.

With this app , the moment you receive a new message, you can view and reply to it with your application running in the backdrop. It overlays your message reply screen over the application running simultaneously saving you the hassles of going to multitasking and such.

With quick reply you can also add an image of the contact to the message alert which is really handy.

Steps to install quick reply:

1. Open cydia and let it load the data.

2. In the search tab search for quick reply.


3. Install quick reply.

4. Exit Cydia.

Now go to settings in your iPhone and there you would see ‘quick reply’ click on it and make sure it is enabled.


Here ars the settings for QuickReply.


Now let us say you are in your iPod listening to songs and you get a text, this is how your reply would look like with your application running in the background.


Is this not awesome? So why the delay? Get it right away.

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