QuickTweet For Android Lets You Tweet Directly From Your Status Bar

Twitter over the year has become more and more popular as people are taking to it to express pretty much every important and not so important moment of their lives. From what they are eating to if they are not sleeping, Twitter has become an open diary for it’s diligent users. It is a great way to connect to people too and due to restriction of characters it keeps the unwanted soap opera out. While it is socially unacceptable to update more than one status on Facebook, you can use Twitter as your own personal scribbling pad and send in as many tweets as you want. Yes, there are people who use it for the wrong purpose and Twitter becomes a reflection of their sad life, but we can leave that discussion for now. The point is that Twitter is very much a moment recorder, and if it has to be used like that, you can not want to sit and open a Twitter application or even the webpage and then update the tweet.

QuickTweet For A droid

To help you tweet right at the instant of time you wish, QuickTweet is a great application. Just like you can send across a tweet right from the notification center of the iPhone, QuickTweet lets you send the tweet right from the notification bar from your Android smartphone. It is a very quick process and hardly takes more than a second. You can tweet right away from any application which is a great feature. The application even though is very simple and easy to use, does not come without it’s limitations. Unless using a pro version there is no way at least currently that you can attach image if you wish to share with your tweet. So far,you can only send tweets with text in it which is a major limitation. The application does come with a few themes that you can download from the play store to give it a more customized look. There are not too many themes at the moment at least, but you can expect a few more to be added soon. The application is available in booth the Lite and Paid version. You can add themes as well as images in the Pro Version which is about Rs. 51 in the Play store.

Download link: QuickTweet Lite In Android Playstore

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