QuickVoice Recorder Records Your Skype Calls in iPhone

Calling over Skype and Viber has definitely become a trend. It has nothing to do with tremendous call quality or anything like that but the fact that it is for free over WI-FI. But sometimes it may happen that the call we are taking is really important and we need to hear it again and again!

In such a case Quick voice is a wonderful application. It basically lets you to record everything that your microphone picks up. In fact it is capable of recording your Skype calls.


Usually recording a call is considered unethical but there are moments when it’s extremely important. It could be a friend explaining something critical thing for an exam or an important instruction any client giving to the service provider, these occasions and numerous more do require the voice to be recorded.

QuickVoice is an easy to use and a free application with an extremely easy interface and UI to do what it is set out for and that is to pick up everything that the microphone of your IOS device picks up. It is easy to set up and very easy to use. The application continues to record the voice until it basically runs out of onboard memory. Follow these steps to record your Skype call:

1) Go to App Store and download Quickvoice.

2) Start Skype and make a call.

3) Go to Quickvoice and click on record.

4) Now open task manager and toggle between Skype and Quickvoice.

Note: The application also records ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or entire lectures.

Download QuickVoice® Recorder

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