Quixey: Search Awesome Mobile and PC Apps Quickly

Applications becomes crucial part of our computer life. We all spend more and more time in trying new and cool apps. These days apps are available for Chrome, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Firefox, Mac, Palm and many other platforms. Don’t you think it would be so awesome if we could find the applications for all the different devices at one place? Well the solutions lies with Quixey.

To put it in short Quixey can be considered as Google of all the apps, be it smartphone or PC. It gives you an accurate location of the App, its price and a description. You also have the option in the left pane to choose the device or platform you wish the application to run on. For example our most popular game angry birds is available across all the major platforms including iOS , Android and now Chrome, so you can specifically chose Android if you are an owner of an Android smartphone.


Here is the launch video of this amazing programs, do look at it to get what it really is capable of:

This site also provides you option to search those apps which are covered on site like Techcrunch and Crunchbase or apps with .me domain. Also you can sort free and paid apps separately. With many advanced features this site is an ultimate destination for app search.

Check out Quixey now.

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