Rack Your Brain With Flow Free for Android

In the Smartphone world, games are our life. We simply cannot imagine travelling or passing through our boredom without a game or two in our amazing devices. Play Store is full of various games and puzzles. There are so many games with different genres. I personally prefer playing puzzles and brain-rackers. They are one challenge one loves to take up and the bliss you get after solving the puzzle is grave! One such game is Flow Free for Android users.


Flow Free by the Big Duck Games LLC is one addictive puzzle you cannot get enough of. Connecting dots never seemed so interesting. There are multi-colored dots in this puzzle which you need to connect to its respective pair. But the catch here is that you cannot override the other connections made previously. That means you cannot bridge the lines. The snapshots here will help you explain this. Simply tap the dot and drag the through the empty block towards its corresponding colored dot. It won’t connect to any other colored dot. You can only connect to the matching colors. You start with a block puzzle of 5×5 and move gradually, clearing each level, to the 9×9 board. There are also other bonus packs available along with 8×8 and 9×9 board manias to crack. More to this, you can also time your game from 30 seconds to 4 minutes on the board size of your preference.

The interface of the game is really good. It also gives you a little feel of Windows Phone 8 with those small arrows and refresh buttons on the screen. To start with it, simply download Flow Free for Android from the Play Store and create a flow by matching the respective colored dot pair. Beware! This game is highly addictive and you cannot rest till you finish the board. Do get back to us with your experience with the challenges.

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