Radio Player Live: Must Have Extension For Chrome Lovers

If you like listening to Radio stations we have something you’ll love. Today’s chrome extension ‘Radio Player Live’ offers great radio listening experience to people who use Google Chrome as their browser.

Radio Player Live is an amazing tool to listen to international radio stations in the background while you’re working and the best part is you do this without having to open websites or any sort of applications.

You can add the Radio Player Live extension to your Google chrome by visiting here.

Simply click on the add to chrome button. After this process you’ll notice a blue icon left to your settings button in the address bar of Chrome. The blue icon turns green when you’re playing music.
Before you start listening to your favorite music stations, you’ll have to set some things up.


Click on the blue Radio Player Live icon and then click on options. You can add stations manually or via a list of predefined radio stations namely under the stations of gallery options where you get radio stations like Virgin radio, RTL,Fun Radio, Puls Radio and many more. You can also add stations by visiting,, etc, where you can simply add the radio station of your choice by click on the same blue Radio Player Live icon next to the stations name.

You can even manage your stations and change the appereance f the player from the options menu. The radio player is pretty minimalistic with Play/Stop button, the volume button along with the list of your stations.

For anyone who wants to listen to international radio stations while doing your work this extension is very handy. A must have for people who love music.

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