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Litfy is a website that allows users to read the most popular and best selling books and novels for free online. This website offers a wide variety of books separated by the categories to make it easier for the user to browse through the collection. Simply select a book to read and you can start your session from there.


The website is easy to navigate around and contains a wide selection of books that can all be read for absolutely no cost at all. This website is intended solely for arousing interest in the people for reading books and realizing the importance of literature in our lives.

On the left hand side of the webpage is the Categories bar where you can view the various categories of books that are available for reading on the website. Choose a category and the webpage displays all the books that are present on the website related to that category. Click on a book to view information about it and also to view the rating given to the book by its readers. Depending upon that, you can choose to read the book or go back and look for another book.

The reading interface of the website is similar to the interface in the Kindle, simple and smooth in its functionality. You can bookmark a page whenever you like and to move on to the next page, instead of scrolling down, click on the next button on the right side of the page to turn it.

This website is not well known of but contains some of the most popular books that are a must read for those who like exploring the vast world of English literature.

Check out Litfy.

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