Read Lengthy Documents on Internet Easily with Scrollbar of Contents

Scrollbar of Contents is a Google Chrome extension that arranges the various links on a webpage along the scrollbar to help users navigate to important elements on the page easily. Sometimes, the link that we are looking for might be present on a webpage but we may fail to see it because of the clutter and the large number of links on a lengthy webpage. Scrollbar of Contents arranges these links along the scroll bar of your Chrome browser to help users navigate to links on the page easily and quickly.

scroll bar items

To use the Scrollbar of Contents on your Chrome browser, visit the link below and click on the “Add To Chrome” button on the webpage. This will install the app onto your browser. Now, when you open a webpage that is lengthy and contains many links, simply click on the Scrollbar of Contents icon present next to the address bar. Once pressed, you can view all the important links along the scrollbar of your browser. Scroll down and you can view the items that are in view on the page and the important links to various websites and hyperlinks are all organized along the scrollbar so you will never miss a link again.

Download Scrollbar of Contents

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