Read PDF files in 3D With Soda PDF Reader

Soda PDF Reader is an application that allows users to view PDF files in a 3D format in which you can read files like you read a book with features like flipping pages and bookmarking etc. There are many applications on the internet other than the default Adobe reader that allows users to view their PDF files. We usually want to avoid the Adobe PDF reader mainly because of its limitations. Soda PDF Reader comes with a host of new features that will tempt users to download it.

soda pdf

Soda PDF has a number of features that we will discuss here. But the feature that immediately catches the eye is the 3D view feature. Using this feature, users can read their PDF files like they are reading a book.  Use the scroll button on your mouse to turn the pages and Soda PDF Reader will flip the pages like you are flipping them in real life. This feature is fun and really does give you a new dimension when it comes to reading long PDF files.

Some of the other features that Soda PDF Reader has are:

1. Create your PDF files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other format easily directly from this software. But to do this, you will have to register and activate your account on the Soda PDF website which is for free.

2. View pages in different views like the above mentioned 3D view, single page, continuous, facing and facing continuous modes.

3. View PDF files in full screen so you are not distracted by anything else on your desktop.

4. Even read digital comic books in 3D mode.

5. Zoom in and zoom out easily even in 3D mode.

Soda PDF Reader gives a new dimension to reading PDF files and is highly recommended for users.

Download Soda PDF Reader.

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