ReadRuler Allows You to Sort Your Pocket Articles by Time

Given our interest in consuming just about any content from the world of technology, Pocket has been one application that we cannot even think of spending a day without opening. We trash at least 20 articles a day into pocket to ensure that we catch up on them when the time is good to read. However, one major issue that crops up is that we are never really sure how much time will an article take to be consumed. Usually you quickly scroll through the article to check out the length and then make an informed choice of what needs to be done, but on other occasions, we are plain lazy to do that. This is where ReadRuler, an independent tool comes into the game.

Read Ruler

All you need to do is connect your Pocket account to ReadRuler product by visiting their website here. You will be asked to authenticate your Pocket account and credentials are automatically picked up if you are signed in. Once you do that, you will see that the articles that are inside Pocket have time stamps right next to them which give out the approximate time that you would require in order to finish the article. We were surprised generally as to how accurate the prediction was. For example, we did not expect the tool to pick up an infographical post inside our Pocket and assign it a high time given the large content on the Jpeg file, but it did.

The only restriction we felt while using the tool was that it does not work with mobile, so you need to be logged into it on your PC to be able to use it.

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