Recent Report Shows Apple iPad’s Dominance Over Samsung Tab

The ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple has lead us to believe that these both products must be the leaders in market in their respectable fields. While this is true for the smartphones, the tablet world is entirely different. Tablet world has been always dominated and continues to be so by Apple and the monopoly only seems to grow. This is primarily because of lack of competition so far which we finally believe will come in the form of Google Nexus 7 which is also an incredible tablet.

However, coming back to the comparisons between Samsung tablets and iPad we see a distinct difference in the sales figures and popularization. In fact a lot of customers have also told that they bought the Galaxy Tab just because they got confused and thought it was the iPad which honestly is baffling. However, we like the stats and stats show there is a lot of difference in the market that each of these companies have occupied currently. Here is the stat:

As you can see this clearly shows the massive lead that Apple has already on Samsung in the tab world. Seems like the Korean giants have some serious catching up to do and maybe the new Note 10.1 could help boost their sales.

Via: Technobuffalo

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