Reduce Image Size Without Reducing its Quality with Shrink O’Matic

Shrink O’Matic is an app that is run using Adobe Air and can help to resize large images taken from a camera to the desired size without any reduction in the image quality. Images taken from a digital camera are mostly very large due to the large number of pixels in the images. Sharing these large images on the internet is not suitable as they are just too large for the page. It converts these images into smaller sized copies without reducing the image quality so that they can be shared on websites easily.


The interface is a really interesting one with the washing machine and all that. But the app is easy to use and intuitive and considerably fast. All you have to do is set the size to which you want to convert your images, drag and drop the images on to the washing machine drawn on the window or just browse and locate the images from the window itself.

As you drop the images to the window, the tool keeps converting the images as you go. So you wont have to wait for the images to get converted. The previous image is already converted by the time you select the next image. So the speed of the interface is a major plus for this app. You can even select a separate folder to store your converted files. If you have not defined that, then the app creates a copy of the file next to the original file so you will never lose it. You can select the output format of the image.

So a handy tool to have to quickly reduce image sizes without any hassles in quality.

Download Shrink O’Matic.

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