Remotely lock your Android Device with Android Manager

Remember a month or so ago Google had announced a service called Android Device Manager which basically allowed you to point to the location where your Android phone is, sound a buzzer on the device or simply delete all the data from the device if you feel it is in an unsecure place. This feature is available on all Android devices on Froyo and above. The best thing is that you do not have to do anything and the service is available automatically under device administrator.

Android Device Manager

However, looks like Google is working on the service and in the mean time has added a new feature which allows you to remotely lock your Android device. This is a very useful feature for times when you may have accidentally misplaced your device in your home or a place of familiarity where you know you will find it back but do not want anyone to be accidentally to be fiddling around with stuffs. This is so much better than simply having to wipe all the data off the device and to reinstate it.

It is worth wondering why this simple feature was not available right at the launch of the servie, but it is good news that Google indeed is working on making the service better and we can expect few more add ons in the coming days.

via: XDA

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