Remove Desktop Clutter and Open Programs & Folders With Aero QLaunch

Aero Qlaunch is a light and simple utility that allows users to open their files and folders in a more innovative and fun way straight from their desktop. The app creates boxes of your most frequently used programs and displays them on your desktop so you can access them easily.

aero launcheraero launcher1

Aero QLaunch is a lightweight tool for opening programs and files on your computer directly from your desktop. The tool creates translucent boxes in which you will find your most frequently used apps for easy access.

The application requires an installation after which an icon will appear on your taskbar from where you can access the aero boxes. The boxes will appear only when you click on the Q icon on the taskbar. So you will not see the clutter of boxes all the time. You will see it only when you want to access them. You can configure the sizes of the boxes by right licking on the Q icon on the taskbar and changing the sizes from x1, x1.5 or x2.

The boxes look neat and give a nice aero feel when you move your cursor on them. The icons revolving inside the box when you move your cursor towards the box is also a nice addition.

Aero Qlauncher is compatible in both Windows Vista and 7.

Download Aero Qlaunch.

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